Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gave me a break!

I am really not trying to be the winner of sucking at having braces... But I have to be darn close!

With brackets, elastic's, wires, pallet expander a person would think that is enough.... However it seems like the universe loves to play with me. As if all of that is not overwhelming on its own but I have also enjoured a bladder infection since the day I got my braces. The cranberry juice I have consumed could fill a lake! I have even resorted to the pure form of it, if you have not ever tasted it, I would comparison it to burgundy coloured apple cider vinegar and paint thinner! The combo of the gallons of juice, yogurt, some type of dandy lion flavoured pills (given to me by my acupuncturist,) loads of lemon flavoured water are just not cutting it, it is all just giving me heartburn!

Ok, picture all of that and now add this!! My pallet expander has been turned nightly 14 nights in a row. Two days ago, it felt like I cracked another root cannol. The next day, a couple of hours after the "crank down," my entire bridge bungee jumped off of my top teeth! So not only does the right side of my mouth ache but it is now putting loads and loads of pressure on the other side of my mouth! My bridge is bouncing around throbbing with each move. When I asked for a break, this is so not what I wanted!!

Once again I get to drive two hours to go to the dentist to figure out what is next! It also looks like I have to break down and go on antibiotics, something I just did not want to do! I already have two Dr's  poking me everywhere else, I really did not want to add a third Doctor probing me in my lady business!

I am so tired of being such an over achiever, it would make me happy to just have one thing to overcome. Heck, I am just lucky that I have such an amazing husband / business partner! If he didn't help me play hooky so I can do my suffering behind doors, I don't know what I would do. I love you Brad Johnson.